Ryan Smith

Mortgage Broker

Ryan Smith is a licensed Mortgage Broker working with Kardia Mortgage to help educate and guide Calgarians through the mortgage process and towards financial stability. Ryan grew up as hockey and football loving kid in Lethbridge, AB. As a young man, Ryan aspired to be a Police Officer. As he got older and closer to starting a career, he realized that although the force was not for him, he was still drawn to work that upheld values like credibility, integrity and a responsibility to the well being of others. In 2013, Ryan and his wife, Rio, moved to Calgary to start their lives and build their careers. After shadowing a friend who is a mortgage broker, Ryan was immediately drawn to the business of helping people find financial peace of mind through homeownershipHe set out to master the problem solving and strategy required to build strong files to meet the needs and goals of clients. In his words, “it’s a puzzle of epic proportions that I find solving immensely rewarding”.  


When Ryan isn’t helping clients strengthen their financial position, he is helping others strengthen their minds and bodies as an Orangetheory Fitness Coach. Just like when he is in the office, he works with client’s goals to create an environment of trust, professionalism and results.  


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