Naomi Kruszynski

Underwriter & Client Care Manager

Naomi embodies the heart-centered values upon which Kardia operates through her compassionate approach to working with clients, advisors and fellow co-workers. Her patience and dedication to the mortgage industry are constantly evident throughout the mortgage process.

After moving to Canada from the UK, Naomi’s natural inclination towards helping others motivated her to build a career in the mortgage industry. She worked to complete her licensing as a certified mortgage professional through RECA and quickly started to work with clients to help them find financial security through their home.  With the a knack for working with clients and 3 dynamic years of experience in the mortgage industry, Naomi joined the Kardia team.

Today, Naomi plays an integral role at Kardia Mortgage as a Client Care Manager. Her attention to detail and drive to grow her career is abundantly clear in her dedication to going above and beyond when it comes to clients’ needs.

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